“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.”

Napoleon Bonaparte


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  1. Thank you so much for your intelligent comment. I cannot express how much I appreciate feedback such as yours. Thank you for the encouragement. It seems as if you do see the faults of our current system of capitalism but have questions regarding the socialist model. I will attempt to answer you questions point by point.

    1 – However, based on what I have read so far, do you think that the system that you seem to espouse will be any more open to others and inclusive than the capitalistic system–in the long term?

    1 – Yes, I do believe the socialist model will be more open than the current capitalist model in the U.S. In order for socialism to truly flourish and sustain itself it needs mass participation, not just mass participation in areas like only voting for public officials (as seen in capitalism), but the common citizen’s participation in the most important and trivial matters of life and society. For example, in our recent presidential election, record numbers turned out to vote for the current president, Barack Obama. The Democratic Party encouraged mass participation during the electoral process, but now, mere months later, as the euphoria has quieted, the mass action has stopped. Why? Because capitalist government allows participation to a point – participation that ends in the voting booth, after this it is leader that is elected responsibility to make the decisions, not the responsibility of the people. But in the socialist system, the participation of the common citizen is vital, without this socialism dies. In the system of government in the U.S, the voice of the people are not heard or considered, while in the socialism, the people’s voice is paramount. The capitalist model views its people as monetary worth, socialism views people as people; humans with talents, ambitions, aspirations, ideas and voice, which all contribute to the building of socialism. The capitalist model gives the illusion of openness but in reality this so called openness is limited – only those in society with wealth have the final say and access to the inner halls and chambers while the average man and woman is shut out. You see, the politicians of capitalism only encourage mass action when jobs (public office) are on the line; decisions that deeply affect our daily lives such as wars and government bailouts, for example, are made without the input of the masses. Here is an excellent explanation concerning this straight from the horse’s mouth, former U.S President Woodrow Wilson:

    “Suppose you go to Washington and try to get at your government. You will always find that while you are politely listened to, the men really consulted are the men who have the big stake – the bankers, the big manufacturers and the big masers of commerce…. The masters of the government of the United States are the combined capitalists and manufacturers of the United States.”

    If you still do not believe this, do some simple research and you will find how corporations and wealthy capitalists are among the biggest contributors to presidential elections and administrations. So in view of this, how is the capitalist model a thoroughly “open” system? The socialist model seeks to reverse this – give power to the voiceless and take power from the exploiters; to me this is a much fairer, open model that benefits the whole of society, not just the few.

    2 – Although I agree that greed and self serving behavior (part of our human nature) is currently totally out of control, how do you think another system will fix that?
    2 – First of all, I think it is impossible for a system to directly “fix” or change human nature. The socialist system is just a tool in the hands of the people to administer. Socialism is the end product and outgrowth of a changed people – not the other way around. The system of socialism cannot be established without the masses; the masses need to establish the system. This is why the masses need to attain a new consciousness and self awareness first; this is the point of change then socialism naturally follows. So, in essence, when socialism arrives, the masses will have already experienced inner change. Second, I do think that the socialist system can guide people to consciousness; just like the capitalist system can bring the worst out (greed, selfishness, materialism, competition) of otherwise decent human beings, socialism can bring the best out by involving the people in direct action and participation to better the lives of one another. You would be surprised how these good works can change the inner being. In practical terms, besides inviting the people to have a say and hand in continually building a better alternative to capitalism, the system which is just a tool of the people will do away with things like CEO’s of Wall St. receiving million dollar bonuses as the workers of America who suffer just gets by. The worker will get justly rewarded and the playing field will be leveled under socialism. What normal person would not want or vote for this? The capitalist system has perfected the technique of making good capitalists of people from childhood all the way to adulthood, through the use of schools, media and other tools. Two examples that come to mind are advertising and university. Teenagers have become thoroughly capitalistic through the allure of products constantly advertised. Most college age adults instinctively go to school for a degree to get a “good job with benefits.” Thus they are reduced to tools of labor in competition with one another, alienated from themselves due to the amount of time they invest in work until they retire or die, whichever comes first. Capitalism has been perfected to such an extent in this country that we believe this to be the natural order of things! Socialism will reverse this trend and use its resources to teach and show just how unnatural capitalism is to humanity, thus creating future generations of enlightened socialists.

    3 – Any sufficiently large group of human beings will have the full spectrum of types/levels of behavior. Even in the midst of totally honorable people, a deviant can and will rise.

    Of course this is true. Every group, organization and society has their share of “bad apples.” There is nothing that will alter this reality.

    4 – Do you think your system is such that it will not foster any selfish pigs that will in turn bastardize the decency of the system that you seem to be after?
    You may have a desire for a high standard of fairness. Do you think that this desire can be transferred to all others in another system?

    There is no perfect, full proof system in existence. The socialist system is not perfect and never will be as it was devised by imperfect men. Do you think Washington or Jefferson ever envisioned a Nixon or Bush in power when they established the American system? But Nixon and Bush still became president. My point being is that the founding fathers tried to create no the perfect system but the better system. No system has guarantees against tyrants taking the helm. Socialism is not a perfect system, but in the field of limited options I think it is the better one in contrast to the wars, lack of or faulty medical care, failing education and widening social classes that capitalism in America is causing. Is this the best capitalism has to offer I ask? I will try something else. Jefferson had ideas to prevent abuse of power by the office of president; but it has happened (Bush) because the people have allowed it, plus the state took the people’s power away as well. Do you think that if all of the populace were armed as the U.S constitution originally prescribed and had real power, those placed in leadership would thin twice about abusing power? Socialism will seek to answer this by placing power directly in the hands of the people – unlike the artificial checks and balances system which has been reduced to a joke by the government. With this system in place the capitalist upper classes and politicians still retain power and sway in society.

    5 – You may have a desire for a high standard of fairness. Do you think that this desire can be transferred to all others in another system? Centralized control in my thinking makes it even easier for a person of low morals and character to obtain total power and ruthlessly/systematically abuse the populous in perpetuity.

    If the masses are conscious and enlightened, socialism will be the extension of this. Justice and fairness will be the overriding principle in this society. Will everyone follow it – no, I have no illusions. But it is the overriding principle. See answer 1 and 2. What you describe here has happened in numerous presidencies in the U.S, the latest example being the 2001 – 2009 administration. In the U.S, power lies with the upper classes of wealth, centralized in the executive office as the spokesperson. To think otherwise is a fallacy. Did you vote to invade the Middle East? Did you vote to bail out the rich bankers of America? Do you have say over how your taxes are used? Do you have say over what portion of the new economic stimulus goes to what sector? No, no, no and no. This is the very definition of centralized power. Just because the average citizen has the opportunity to vote does not mean he has real power – the capitalist system steadily remains with all of its ills no matter the choice of vote. What changes are the names and faces. Capitalism loves to preach “opportunity” and “working hard,” to achieve success. If this is the case then why it that the majority of the U.S population has not is tasted this enormous success but instead struggle to survive? The poor are becoming poorer, the working class is becoming the working poor and the rich, well, they are just becoming richer. Is it that we of the working class are not working hard enough? Is the majority of the U.S population lazy? No, this is the way the capitalist system in America sustains itself; in other words it needs people in the bottom working hard to make money for those at top. Without this dynamic the system will collapse. It is set up this way deliberately. In terms of “protection,” I am not sure if you mean “protection” of the nation, people or system. I will try to answer this to the best of my ability. Again, the socialist system will exist only as long as the people permit it to; remember, the people are the very lifeblood of socialism. The system of America exists only as long as the people allow it to. Countless people have lost jobs and home, many are still uninsured health wise, the value of the dollar is dropping fast and basic needs such as shelter and food are becoming unaffordable. I hardly consider this “protection.” For the average working man and woman, how is there “protection” if he or she were to lose their job? If this were to happen they are liable to be homeless. And the thing is it is an all too common story in the U.S now. Do you know that if the three wealthiest men in America combine their resources they could provide food, shelter, health and other needs, not only for America but for the entire world- and they would still have plenty of capital left over! How about if you would use a fraction of the military budget of the U.S? Or if you combined the net worth of all the top politicians in the nation and used a percentage of this wealth for domestic issues, do you know the amount of socio economic problems that could be solved? Why in a country as wealthy as ours, health care and good education is a commodity beyond the reach of the working class? Why does the U.S have the capital to build weapons and wage war overseas, for example, the billions of dollars wasted to produce stealth bombers, but in times of fiscal crisis such as now, areas such as health, education and social services are hit the hardest? And guess who feels this in the end; the ones on top; no, the ones on the bottom – the worker. Since a socialist system is the tool of the people, all of this will be eradicated. Vital services in society will be made readily available. Is this an impossible dream? The United States already has the resources to make this dream reality. It is a matter of how the resources are wielded and in which places they are put in. There is no excuse for any man, woman and child to be without food, health, home and quality education. No, this is not state welfare, which rather than empower keeps people in the cycle of poverty. Currently the workers, the poor are the biggest consumers. The corporations that reap the reward do not contribute to the building and renewal of the communities that make them wealthy. Under a socialist system this will change. Capitalist urban renewal is called “gentrification.” This type of renewal benefits the rich as the undesirables in the community are slowly pushed out of the plans and property. The socialist system offers the protection that these people do not have in the U.S system. In the end, it is about the people; you an me, unlike the capitalist system where our existence is valued in monetary terms and how much profit we can produce for this uncaring, unfeeling machine.

    I hope this adequately answers your questions and addresses your thoughts MJ. If you have any more thoughts, questions or statements, please feel free to share them with me. I encourage you to find out more about socialism. Remember, those who seek shall find. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read, ask and comment.

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