Global Consciousness

As humanity hopes to evolve, a new mind needs to develop within; a new consciousness, if we are to grow and survive as a species. The United States has waged continuous war on the battlefield of the mind, that is, they have reduced the people into something almost unrecognizable, to others and most importantly to themselves. And in this war, the U.S has employed weapons that are just as powerful as bullets, shells and artillery. This weapon has been utilized in the past to conquer nations abroad – this weapon is known as “product.” “Product” is almost as potent as the newest weapons of warfare developed by the government. It is the preferable weapon of choice for the United States because a single drop of American blood has not touched the ground in its usage. “Product” is also known by its other name “westernization.” This process has leveled nations, destroyed cultures, eradicated languages and has stolen the very identity of masses of people internationally, once proud. Victims have fallen before the vicious blasts of “westernization” and after the smoke has cleared all that remains are corpses, eyes surrounded by dried tears and mouths opened in wonderment before the golden standard of America. And here on the domestic front, civil war rages on as the government of capital wages its dirty war against the populace using its own weapons of mass destruction (television, media, etc.). Unfortunately, the casualties are mounting and many have been slain. Product has claimed many bodies. We are a once living people whose lives now center on accumulation. Like mice in a maze, the masses are in an imaginary competition with their fellow man, to consume as much as possible and then to horde more than others, thus, a false confidence is created. The rat race, as it is called, is the engineering of the capitalist economy and is the gears, pistons and transmission that enable the capital to continue to flow. Even the impoverished, those who lack, are embroiled in this rat race. It is a win/win situation for the bourgeoisie U.S and the capitalistic corporations that this government is indebted too; those in power get richer and the rest, the others, become sedated. That is why the government is able to get away with, literally murder, and escape due punishment. And yet the same standard is not extended to the people. If we of the people committed a fraction of what this government does wholesale, we would be sent to the lethal injection chamber without mercy. The national economy is volatile, food prices are rising, the price of living is inflated beyond control and salaries and wages are non-competitive. A people whom exist in the vicious cycle become alienated, as mentioned previously, and an alienated people do not have the ability to be concerned with their neighbor, domestic or international. A people without knowledge are a doomed people. Consciousness is true knowledge. Revolutions of change cannot manifest if the participants do not have this type of mind. This is the mind of “the new man and woman,” as Che Guevara described it. If the people develop consciousness en masse, it cannot help but be felt and experienced. A people without true consciousness are powerless, without will and without understanding. The fact that the government acts with complete impunity displays the fact that this consciousness has not yet risen. When the global conscious mind arises out of the depths, unjust governments and systems everywhere will truly be held accountable. The globally conscious mind, united, on a micro and macro level, is the definition of true power, but it begins with one.


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