New Age Fundementalism 

Fundamentalism is not the exclusive domain of one sect or ideology, political, religious or otherwise. When we think of fundamentalism we usually think Christianity, at least in the Western perspective, which is something that we need to be mindful of. Essentially, fundamentalism of any kind is a movement of purity, a returning to the roots. But fundamentalism at its core is a reaction to an ever modernizing culture that is rendering the fundamentalist irrelevant. So a militant, antagonistic hostility ensues against the modernizing culture to preserve and maintain sanctity, to feel relevant, which is largely the case with Christian fundamentalism. But fundamentalism is also control. This caustic preservation of sanctity exhibits itself in a manic control, which extends even to their “god.” The last thing a fundamentalist wants to feel is a loss of control, as even “god” falls under the rigid purview of the fundamentalist. “God” is contained by man’s hands and subject to their whims like a magical genie. You pray harder, “god” will respond. If you don’t, “god” will not. If you just obey a little more, “god” will react. If you fail to obey in the least, “god” will not. Do you not see the manipulation? This is man manipulating “god” for their own benefits and whims. This foolishness is the foolishness of a child because that’s the naiveté of a child and fundamentalism requires a child like nature. Now I say all of this to make a point about the “New Age.” The “New Age” prides itself on being a viable alternative to the more traditional western Christianity. The New Age views itself as the opposite of a fundamentalist Christianity, and in some ways, in dogma and ideology, it is. But in many ways, it shares things in common with fundamentalist Christianity, namely in mentality. The New Age, in many ways, is just as fundamentalist. What the Christians do not get, is that “god” the energy cannot be contained, but the New Age seeks to control this uncontrollable energy for its own gains. Like the fundamentalist Christian who prays harder and harder to make “god” react, there is the New Ager, who will meditate harder, chant more, for the purpose of getting this “god” energy to react and give them their rightly earned “enlightenment.” Again, this is man’s attempt to manipulate and control the uncontrollable energy that is “god” for their ultimate end, as if one can bend the will of this energy by repeating the right words, taking the right postures or thinking the right thoughts. But whatever name it masquerades under, it is all man’s ego and control, again at the forefront.  


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