Capitalism and Human Nature

Clearly our lives are reactionary in regards to the system of capitalism, espoused by the superstructure. We are reactionary, as previously discussed, in the sense of being shaped by and living according to the dictation of the capitalist superstructure. But our outer lives are just the visible manifestation of this reaction, of this conformity, but what of the inner self? Despite the shaping of our being by and to the capitalist superstructure, is the superstructure really compatible with the very essence of humanity, the inner spirit? This is a relevant question to analyze and ponder. It may seem as if the inner is following the outer, if we are not aware of the difference, meaning that the mode of the capitalist superstructure is essentially who we are naturally. Even though, in many instances, it may feel or seem like such, this is in contrast to the very idea of “shaping,” which insinuates that we are made in this manner and not born in this way. The old Christian doctrine of “Original Sin” may say otherwise, by stating that we are all born inherently corrupt. Thus, there is no need for “shaping,” we are naturally inclined towards the corruption of capitalism because we are naturally corrupt. This rationale states that this current capitalist system is the best system possible for humanity. But if we do not believe or adhere to this theory, then we must accept the opposite – that capitalism is not natural to us nor is it the best system possible that we can devise. Capitalism thrives on the most detestable of our human qualities, which leaves very little room for altruism. As a matter of fact, it hopes that one can find it in themselves to be altruistic, while immersed in the most base aspects of capitalism. This is essentially the basis of Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand,” and Ronald Reagan’s “Reaganomics.” It’s the attempt to create good out of evil, and this attempt and hope is systematic, as it tries to continually maintain itself by this model. The natural state of the human spirit and capitalism are the antithesis of one another. Our spirits are tainted as it is nurtured and grows in the world of modes of production. In this growth phase it is imbued with the spirit of the world, the spirit of the capitalist superstructure. It’s foundational character, comprised of avarice, selfishness, competition, greed, materialism, destruction, conquest, oppression, ego is in direct contrast, and conflict to our inner being, when we are born and even after we have been thoroughly molded, hence the deep awareness that informs us that there is something seriously dysfunctional concerning the mode of life that we have within the superstructure, even as we actively participate in it on a daily basis. 


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