It is believed by some that the economic system of capitalism is not only a moral system, but our only moral system. A moral system that is arbiter of man’s dignity and rights. But the reality is that in capitalism you have a system designed for exploitation, class division, imperialistic expansion, profits at all cost and slave labor. A system such as this does not contain within itself even a hint of morality. As a matter of fact, these unfortunate consequences just mentioned is the direct result of capitalism being used as a standard of morality. Disaster ensues because capitalism at its heart is not concerned with morality; only immorality can come from such a system. Capitalism and morality are two polar opposites; they are two opposing forces and cannot be reconciled with one another. As for rights, what rights? Ask the black man and woman who constantly lives in fear of death at the hands of police brutality, or the immigrant who lives in fear of deportation and prejudice, or the underpaid laborer who lives in constant fear of becoming homeless due to job loss. Ask them about rights.
Then there is what I like to call, the “hard work factor,” the idea that those who work the hardest will prosper the most. Capitalists, in defense of their beloved ideology, say arrogantly, “What other system can give you such an opportunity and chance to improve yourself and make yourself a success?” As if capitalism is the one and only way, the supreme standard which all life must adhere to? The inverse of this factor is that if you do not attain great heights of success, it is your fault, due to you not working hard enough. If only you would just work a little harder, then perhaps you can taste success; as if most Americans are not working hard enough already? How much harder shall we work? By virtue, the system of capital has faults and is inherently in favor of the privileged few, the upper class. If you are not successful it is just a case of you being lazy. But capitalism is a great contradiction: how can you be successful in a system that is not built for you to be? A system that is utilized by the wealthy and for the benefit of the wealthy? Capitalism is a system that feeds off the labor of the lower echelons in society for those aforementioned “privileged few.” It needs this as the body needs oxygen. Essentially, it needs a large pool of workers to remain workers and produce this wealth that it needs for survival. Capitalism is designed for us to stay in the lower echelons because it needs the lower echelons. This explains why working class poverty is increasing despite the majority of Americans working as hard as ever. Only a precious few escape this trap; only as much as capitalism will allow. If we all simultaneously became “successes,” capitalism will collapse into itself.


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