The Reactionary Life

Is the human species a species of reaction? A question such as this requires both personal and structural analysis, as it encompasses the whole (micro and macro). The very spark of life was the result of reaction – reactionary chemical processes billions upon billions of years ago. This the impetus of life itself was reaction. But now as a developed species can we still say the same? Our biological selves are reactionary, as we respond to stimuli, from our basic biological needs to elements in our environment. This for the most part, we have no control over. When we are hungry, we eat. When there is a scent in the air, we cannot help but sense it through smell. These cannot be shut off or quelled. These, at the most biological level, are so intricately a part of us that to make them cease function is to be dead. But what of those reactions that are not biological, which is the micro body? What of those reactions of the macro body, that which is above the biological level? If we view ourselves from the macro perspective, apart from biological processes, we will come to the conclusion that our lives, by fast and large, are wholly reactionary. Our outside world or the superstructure, dictates what our lives will be, and we follow, whether we are conscious of of it or not. According the the way the superstructure (the state, society, culture) is set up, our lives must be reactionary to it, or else we won’t be able to live. We are molded brand for the superstructure. We have human parents, but the superstructure is our true parent, as we are raised, reared, taught and guided by it. It’s norms are our norms. Yes, we have free will, but we are punished for such by the superstructure for exercising it beyond its prescribed boundaries. So our lives are in constant reaction to the superstructure when it demands we answer, with our lives. And it is not just our lives, it is our being. The roles are prepared for us, we are the spokes in the wheel of economics, being organisms that propel the flow forward, for the supposed greater good, which we are in constant inner conflict with. Regarding the next generation, we pass the mores of the superstructure to them, preparing them for the roles they will fulfill, with the tools provided, under the guise of free will, doing the work of the superstructure, which we entitle, “Parenting.” As a micro organism is shaped and exists in reaction to its environment, we are doing the same, thus being reactionary creatures. As it is said, we are made in the image of God, but in reality, we are made in the image of the superstructure.


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