Our Story

What is life? This question is possibly without a doubt the most asked question of humanity. What is life? It is a question that has tormented many a mind over the ages, and still, there is no concrete, substantive, conclusive answer. Opinions abound on what life may be, but the solution has thus far eluded us. To many, possible a vast majority, at least in the westernized, capitalist driven countries, life revolves around work and family, and the derivatives of such (money, products, community) as we usually define ourselves by either or. Imagine, all that is humanity, in its dynamism, is defined purely through economics or reproduction. How limiting is this? From the time we enter this world, we are taught this message, which is reinforced by the very superstructure of the state that we are reared in, from the highest political structures all the way down to our family units. Hence when we do come of age, we are not only defined in these terms but we define ourselves by these terms. We are completely subsumed in these roles, to the point that we do not even recognize ourselves anymore, or even know who we are. Nine to Five, everyday of the work week and beyond. Sleep. Get paid. Buy. Spend. Accumulate. Acquire more, obtain more, expand. Use your children as motivation where there is none left; visions of delayed gratification. And repeat ad nauseam. Over and over again until you die and your children grow to repeat the same cycle. Statistically we spend most of our lives working and sleeping. And the little reprieve we do receive for our services are not nearly enough to make up for our loss of personhood, as its further incentive to stray further away from it. Even in the Old Testament, Yahweh curses humanity with labor for the rest of its days. Consume, expand and destroy. This is our story. This is the prison, the invisible prison that entraps all of us. The prison without bars; one that is self made, self perpetuating and the prison we are all destined to serve time in. But what is the escape, if such a thing exists? Prison escapes entail a breaking out. To escape this prison, one must break in. And thus the dynamic is established – the way to freedom is inward. One must cultivate such a dynamic inner life that it not only rivals the outer but it transcends it. And in this process the true self is discovered, not merely the economic or biological self. This is the last freedom we have; this is the true freedom we, a freedom and a personhood that the world and its prison, it’s circumstances, can never change or take away. A freedom in which your actions and decisions are not dictated by your outer environment. And like Jesus, who was in the world, you can say as he said, “I have overcome the world.”


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