On the Role of the Revolutionary Individual

As for the role and task of the individual in the scheme of revolution, it correlates with similar tasks of the aforementioned “Party.” The purpose of the individual is to guide and direct others to awareness, thus self-consciousness, to gain this self-consciousness.  In this sense, the role of the revolutionary “Party” is the same plus two fold; not only assist the people in its quest for liberation, but to raise it to self-consciousness beforehand as well, as we’ve determined that the “Party” is simply comprised of individuals helping individuals. Attaining self-consciousness is a personal liberation, which is extrapolated into an outer liberation. We realize the work of the revolutionary individual can be arduous, laborious, difficult and full of struggle as individual members of the proletarian class will make their personal decision to come to self awareness in their own time.  In this, there is no illusion or fantasy.  This decision of the proletariat is a decision that cannot be made by a revolutionary “party,” or the revolutionary individual for the proletariat – this is not within the realm of responsibility, nor should it be. Material wise, these are our limitations as no man or woman can formulate conviction within another person; conviction arises in the individual from the individual.  Self-consciousness cannot be forced, it is discovered.  And if the individual does make a deliberate decision to not become self aware; it is their decision albeit to their detriment.  All we can do is guide others down this road of self discovery using material resources available at our disposal and utilizing these resources creatively.  This self awareness; this self consciousness is a necessary pre-condition for revolutionary change.  Again, let us reiterate, the individual and the “Party” are mere helpers.
“The proletarian movement is the self-conscious, independent movement of the immense majority, in the interest of the immense majority.” 

This leads into the next point-the grand fallacy of the deluded individual. As the inflated “group ego” can develop the grandiose belief that it is up to the “Party” to create revolutionary change; the same can be applied to the individual and the “individual ego.” This “individual ego” translates to the idea that it is then who will be the cause and effect of revolutionary change. To these self-appointed leaders, it is their direct action that world change will be contingent on. Whatever the ideology the individual ascribes by, it is their forceful conviction that it is their interpretation and version of whatever ideology they may espouse, which will lead the way and illuminate the path, if you will, and be the basis for revolutionary change.  They lay hold a monopoly on their theories each act, each thought, is filtered through their respective, distorted lenses.  They are convinced they possess absolute, objective truth within their grasp, and only their grasp. They envision themselves as the savior the world has been waiting for.  Their restrictive program is the program for all.  Their agendas and referendums are equal to the agendas and referendums of the people.  As naïve and misguided sects of Christianity believe one must only pass through their channels to taste salvation, these individuals behave in much the same manner in relation to the rest of the world.  It is only through their gates that paradise will be attained.  How misguided. These are just some of the negative aspects of the inflated “individual ego” run amok, which can destroy individual and movement alike. My understanding is not just restricted to the realm of theory; I have seen these qualities up close and person. I have witnessed the individual ego, grow from the micro to the macro, becoming a cancer in the process and absolutely sabotage a once noble movement. As you may recall, every “Party” is comprised of individuals, and as the “Party” is ambivalent, it takes on the character of these individuals. “Personal Analysis” is the cure for the individual ego.

Again, as the ignorant religious adherent believes it is their God given will to forge salvation for the uninitiated, these revolutionary individuals of differing ideologies and philosophies, believe themselves to be the constructor of revolution change in society.  But the main ingredient these parties neglect is the most important ingredient – the people, or the “proletarian,” in classical Marxist philosophy.  To ignore this ingredient is akin to baking the bread without the yeast – it defeats the purpose.  In the material history of revolution, the class of proletarians have been abused, ignored, misused, repressed and made cannon fodder for the grandiose plans of “Parties” and dictators.  This perversion has reduced the proletarians into a class of sacrificing sheep.  The revolutionary individual cannot fail to realize that the vanguard, the leaders, are not the various parties or persons that claim change, but that the true vanguard is the proletarian class, the mass of people, itself.  The individual cannot force revolutionary change; only the people can – revolutionary change is strictly the role of this class.  The tendency, whether subliminally or consciously, to reverse this formula has contributed to the failure of many a movement, whether Collectivist, Syndicalist, Leninist, Libertarian, Trotskyist, Religious, Primitivism, Mutualistic, etc…  The common formula has been to make revolutionary change the job and responsibility of the “Party,” as the people serve only in the role of support, for the purpose of reaching the “Party” goals.  This heretical inverse is the epitome of the selfish, individual ego.  We have to understand that it is not about the “Revolutionary Individual,” the “Party,” which leader is superior or which theory is more orthodox; it is about the people and liberation, personal and structural.


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