The God of Labels?

If God is all pervasive, meaning in all things and all things are of God, then I ask, why the need for labels? If the aforementioned statement is self evident, labels would then be rendered irrelevant. God supersedes all labels as God is in all things and all things are in God, which includes yourself and those who may be of a differing tradition and religion than yourself. All things are subsumed by God, this is an axiom; this is automatic whether one acknowledges it or not. But labels, these man made labels, state that only some things are of God. And usually those things which are of God, according to this perspective, fall within the designation of the label, hence the need for the label. These man made labels are just humanity’s way of establishing superiority based on a separation that these labels create. Man cannot just be and rest in the knowledge that he and she is of God, and are a part of God’s creation. This is the natural state and the natural state requires no labels. But man just needs to justify themselves and their existence. The mindset of being “set apart,” or “elected,” which are  intrinsic to these labels, automatically denies others their status as beings of God and in God. This is not a question of “who?” or “what?” It just is.


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